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16 March, 2016

More than any other entity, FaceBook has revealed how widespread the lack of grammar skills and knowledge of spelling is in America; so much so that it can be downright painful to read members’ posts.

The confusion of they’re, there and their is particularly rampant, with confusion of there and their the most common. One somewhat rarely even sees they’re used. Once again, it appears the most simple spelling wins out; and once again as well, it appears due to a lack of knowledge of what it is for that an apostrophe is used. Hence one sees ironic statements like “Their all idiots”.

As with all grammar and spelling foibles, the misuses broadcast an aura of the perpetrator lacking everyday knowledge — a deadly thing to happen when one is arguing such things as politics. It is hard to take seriously someone who is arguing complicated issues like economics when that person cannot even spell. That can be sadly unfair. I have FaceBook friends who clearly do not lack for intelligence but make the mistake of being unclear about they’re and their.

Once again as well, monkey-see-monkey-do (the sheep factor) is a major culprit in the proliferation of misuses.

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