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3 October, 2014

I noted search terms for sexual addiction. Though not necessarily an addiction, survivors do tend to sexualize relationships.  If anything, sex is fraught with problems for abuse survivors.

People usually find some “hook” to use in bonding.  That might be a particular hobby or interest, or a common history. Even Freud noted that some patients had a sexual transference in therapy, and cautioned that it was psychological business (not to mention being, at it’s roots, a resistance to therapy). He cautioned that being seen as a potential sexual partner had nothing to do with the charms of the therapist, and more than one therapist has gone down in flames responding to that transference with attractive clients.

Any addiction, including actual physical addiction, is basically a smoke screen.  The question is: What is being avoided through the addiction?  By engaging in the addiction, everything else is swept aside.  Somewhere inside of it is the conflict or pain that’s being avoided.


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