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3 August, 2014

I noted someone searching for a hallucination of the body being taken over.  First, a caveat: I do not know if that person was a survivor. That kind of hallucination, perhaps better characterized as a delusion, is not uncommon in schizophrenia. That being said, survivors dissociate as a matter of course and I would view this as perhaps an undocumented dissociative phenomena which I would probably call “decorporalization” (to go along with depersonalization and possibly just a sub-category of that). I can easily envision a survivor not wanting to own her body. There are hints of a possible fugue state or even nascent multiple personality.

Many survivors experience sort of not-quite-multiple personalities with inner voices having identities and apparent mental lives separate from their own but never achieving executive control. It is not uncommon as well for those inner voices to speak of a sort of mutiny, criticizing the survivor and suggesting they could do a better job if they took over. I do so wish such visitors to the blog would leave a comment with more details. I am as clear about what I don’t know as I am about what I do know — and seek to expand what I do know.

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