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22 July, 2014

I wanted to push this post up higher in the list and so am re-blogging it. Hope springs eternal.

The Curmudgeon

The work I had been doing the past several years of my career yielded, among other things, observations of a psychotic disorder in the elderlyto whichfew arepaying attention … and professionals whomay havenoticed it are glossing it over with, in my humble opinion, misdiagnoses.

The disorder appears to strike almost exclusively females in their late sixties to mid-seventies, the mode being early seventies. The onset is rather sudden (over less than three months). The clinical manifestations are the development of persecutory delusions and, usually, auditory, visual and even olfactory hallucinations.

Professionals I tried to talk to about this odd disorder were prone to pass it off as dementia or medication effects, but neither proved to be the case.

While psychosis can develop in persons with dementia, it is clear that these women did not have that disorder. Dementia is defined as having (1) memory impairment and (2) at least one…

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