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2 September, 2013

I am interested in making this blog as good a resource as possible for its type of content. In addition, I am always wanting to learn. Please take the time to leave a note, however brief.

Today I noted the search phrase “proprioceptive impairment from sexual assault.” That sparked more than a little curiosity on my part, not to mention speculation. I wondered if there was a type of dissociation involved — perhaps a variant of depersonalization I which body sensations (in this case, proprioception*) might be made foreign by the psyche. That would make complete sense to me, though I have not heard of an instance.

I may even be able to assist with topic searches. My ‘search’ talents were honed during the pre-internet days of Knowledge Index when it cost $6.00 per minute to be online and searching. That financial incentive helped sharpen my ability to zero in on what was being sought.

Do leave a note, please. Feel free to be critical and make suggestions.


* Proprioception is the sense that allows one to know the position of a body part without being able to see it. Most people can tell for instance, that an arm is outstretched to one side and the palm turned up even with eyes closed.

  1. Anne permalink

    This is such a good and helpful blog. I was raped as a young child and was amazed to read that my tidal wave nightmares are so common in survivors! It’s good to know, makes me feel less alone/crazy. Thank you.

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful, Anne. Back when I was doing clinical work, one of the most powerful things in group sessions was getting members to be aware how incredibly similar all of their symptoms were. I recall one member saying something like: “I thought I was crazy, but I look around and you (group members) don’t look crazy so I must be okay.” Godspeed in your quest for healing. Your feedback alone makes it worth creating this blog.

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