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3 July, 2013

1) Some little kid with dirty shorts and one untied shoe will catch
the biggest fish of the day on a $8.99 K-Mart rig — using
garbanzo beans for bait.

2) Whatever they’re biting on, I don’t have.
(On this trip, precipitating the purchase of $37.87 worth of

3) The better the fishing spot, the less likely it is that fishing
will be allowed. (Weed-choked mud flats are okey-dokey. Docks
in clear water are off limits. A hatchery will get you hard

4) If the water is deeper, one must fish deeper in order to get
hopelessly snagged

5) You should have been here last week. (The fish were biting so
good that they’d jump up on shore and raid tackle boxes.)

6) There is no free launch.


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