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2 July, 2013

We took the dogs down to a secluded beach area so that they could have a romp and do some exploring. To entertain myself, I brought along my hand-held scanner and fishing rod. As we walked, I accidently bumped the scanner into “seek” mode, and (much to my surprise) was able to pick up the conversation between the dogs.

ZONKER: “(sniff sniff) Hey, man. Check this tree out!”

CHARLY: “(sniffsniffsniff) Yeah. Afghan — 2007, I believe — good year.”

ZONKER: “Oh wow. Take a whiff of this. It looks like some dog peed on his master’s container of worms, and the dude just left the mess here!”

CHARLY: “(sniffsniffsniff) Heh! We oughta remember that one. Maybe we could hit the old man’s tackle box — when its open. (snickersnicker). Hey — wanna gross out the Master and Mistress right now?”

ZONKER: “Sure. How do we do that?”

CHARLY: “Just follow my lead. Lessee — oh YEAH! Here’s a pile of reasonably fresh doggy caca (sniffsniffsniffsniffsniff).”

ZONKER: “(sniff sniff sniff) (snicker) I get it. Are they looking right now?”

CHARLY: “Yeah.”

ZONKER: “(sniff sniff sniff sniff snicker) Watch THIS: (lick lick lick).”

CHARLY: Heh heh. Watch me pick up this old, dead carp and chew on it.”



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