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9 April, 2013


I don’t know why the wind has shifted around

and I don’t know why the sun has suddenly gone down.

It seemed to me that it might be the morning —

that the wind might blow some sunlight in my eyes,

but the evening fell around me without warning

and somewhere out to sea I heard a baby cry

And the stars are faint replacements

and the moon’s a pale reply

to the sunlight lost in mourning

and to my whispered question “why?”

and to my softly whispered question “why?”.


Sadness, sadness, and sadness

Such a muddy and sodden affliction

that sucks at the feet

and shivers in wet misery.

Damn loss!

Terrified as a child clinging

to a precipice and calling for his mother,

dark water and rocks below to be dashed upon and drowned in.

Heart blinded as by an atomic flash

A blow not felt but told by the ach which follows it.


If you have gone to hell I pray I could know it

that might horribly sin and be assured thus of being with you.

I have followed you through like flames before.

If it were possible, we should fall and beg each other’s forgiveness:

You for abandoning the work unfinished

I for forgetting your humanity

You for your preoccupation

and I for my anger,

But then you taught me that such things belong to the tossed world.

What an unhappy choice:  The tossed world brimming with regrets

or the future, more uncertain and dark than ever.

All is changed — suddenly, irrevocably, and forever.


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