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10 July, 2012

Ti was nine,
a friend of mine.
She filled sandbags by day
(if she was closely watched)
but her best suit was to smile.
She did well at this,
and at having her picture taken
if you didn’t mind being pestered for a copy later.
Mama-San was crying one day.
She had seen Ti fall beneath the truck at the Esso station in Bien Hoa.
No one here knew Ti,
a friend of mine, and she never got the picture I had taken.


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  1. Thank you for your support.

  2. (Re. poem entitled Ti)

    Beautiful and sad picture. it reminds me of the times between ’67-’75. Thank you for caring.

    • The Vietnamese people suffered so much during the war. To this day, 44 years later, I sometimes wonder what became of our hootch maid and her daughter. They were sad times. On SoundClick I have a composition entitled Vung Tau ( I pondered for some time what the war was, settled on sad and thus the sad, ambient composition. Thanks for dropping by and for the compliment.

      • I was looking for something about sexual abuse and I ended up reading your poems and and listen to your music. Both of your pieces of Vung Tau are so sad and beautiful. I listened to the Vung Tau II many times. Somehow it made cry. Nostagia, I think. The sound in the beginning of the piece sounds more like the gunshots than the sound of the waves. Or maybe both ? After 37 years people are still suffering. They are still fighting for justice and for freedom. As long as greed exists on this earth, there still is war somewhere.
        Recently I created a petition to fight for justice for victims of sexual crimes. I hope you will find time to visit my blog and support my cause. Thanks

      • Thank you for the kind words. You make me realize how ego-centric my experience was. My war ended in 1968, 44 years ago, not the 37 that saw the U.S. pull out. PTSD is a bitch, and perhaps my own helped me empathize with victims of abuse. I agree that statue of limitations laws need to be revisited regarding childhood sexual abuse, if for no other reason than that the perpetrators don’t stop and are ongoing threats to the female children to which they have access. I wish you luck with your petition.

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