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3 March, 2012

Bastard child of space

bane of my life


The ultimate horror

the monster that consumes out of compulsion

without need

without goal other than to pass and to pass


Endless hunger

eat eat eat

eat away what is left

what preciously is left                                                          


Shall I fix a clock                     

sand a piece of wood                   


make love

consider my path?                                   


You grind away

steady gnashing teeth

no surcease

no stay

and certainly no amnesty


For each

perspective slides its way


For me more lies behind

than I can hope for ahead


What shall I do

Sing of it

curse it

welcome the sworn vengeance?






Cry and chew at the trapped limb

leave behind a leg of life

in exchange for my corporeal freedom

if not freedom from my fate


Fate is not that which happens

but that which lies undone

and that which is undone

is a permanent guest

in the halls of time




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