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15 February, 2012

Please don’t misunderstand me when I say I understand

misapprehension of our dissonant perceptions is at hand

and due to faulty dialectic synergistics more or less.

Exactly how things got this way is anybody’s guess.


There seems to be a lack of consonance, a double bind

communication, meta-message, transaction’ly disqualified,

not to mention derivations of unconscious fantasies —

both systemic ego conflict and some id perversities.


The consequence of eloquence is never to be heard

since attention’s drawn to syntax and semantics of the words.

In addition connotations are abetted by projections

which replace entropic losses with our tangential reflections.


To make the situation worse, undifferentiation

from respective family ego masses blocks our few assertion

possibilities since fusion of respective pseudoselves

allows triangulation in of MORE with bats instead of bells!


How we’ll manage ever in attempts to verbalize

some semblance of a crystal message not distorted or disguised

I can’t imagine and suspect its really all just an illusion

and that those who say we can all have an obvious delusion.



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