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24 January, 2012

I love cars, mostly muscle cars and exotics.  I love Road and Track magazine as well on that account, but here’s one of the worst tangles in syntax I’ve seen in a while.  The following is the structure of an excerpt from an article about electric cars:

Sentence beginning with And, comma (words), parenthesis (words), close parenthesis, dashes, single word, comma, single word, comma, words, period.

Holy punctuation, Batman!  Freud pushed for free association from his patients.  This dude couldn’t stop for 30 seconds and edit himself.

The sad outfall of this sort of thing is that people read it, think it’s fine to write that way, and continue the slide into the abyss swallowing written language.  It’s truly amazing.

I know:  We have things like the rising economic power of China to worry about, but help me Lord.

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