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13 January, 2012


This is another recurring symptom which, even if somewhat infrequent, very likely indicates that other symptoms described in the blog are present and thus predicts a history of sexual abuse in childhood.

Like all of the other symptoms, it is most likely to occur when the survivor is alone.  The sensation is like that of experiencing an earthquake; the bed shakes and may even be felt to move on the floor.  The experience is so vivid that survivors may bring it up in conversation the next day, at least in California, where I practiced.  “Did you feel that earthquake last night?”  It involves a combination of tactile, somatic and proprioceptive hallucinations.  Like the other symptoms, however, the experience knows no geographic or cultural boundaries.

It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to understand the link between this symptom and childhood experiences.  Most symptoms are akin to flashbacks, the exception being that said flashbacks don’t include the actual acts they symbolize except in “perfect storm” hallucinations.

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